Teaching Skype music lessons has been an excellent addition to my studio, for eight years now. It's incredible to be working with students from all over the country from the desk at my studio. The success of my skype lessons has been on par with my face to face lessons. I'm able to teach the same subjects: improvisation, keyboard harmony, music theory, composition, saxophone, and EWI are my specialties. I have helped students with saxophone, EWI, trumpet, trombone, piano, and bass.

I would love to be your music coach! Throughout the years, I have helped many musicians reach their music goals Whether it be studying for fun and enjoyment, preparing for College, All-States, Districts, or learning tunes for the jam session at the local club. Learn to write, read, improvise, or get your music organized for a recording project. I can help you set goals and make a plan, so every step counts, and you get the most out of your practice sessions.

Developing your skills and fluency in music can and should be fun. 

Skype offers the student: 

- Tremendous flexibility for scheduling. 

- Eliminate travel time to and from lessons. 

- Save gas money. 

- Simple to set up.

- Results have been consistent with those of my face to face lessons. 

 "I live in Oregon and have had Curt Sipe lessons since 2011. Curt's program is far superior to what I got locally (Tried a couple of folks) Curt is the man." ~ John Blakinger, a Skype student of 8 years.

What you will need to get started:

- A computer with a video camera, mic.

- A high-speed internet connection. 

- The skype software. (this is free) 

Next Steps:

- Purchase your lesson(s). This process will provide me with your contact information, Skype name, etc. Click Here for more information and to schedule your lessons.

- You will receive an order confirmation email providing you with all the links and information you need to set up for your lessons.

- Then we comunicate via email to schedule your lessons and get started.

During our first lesson, we will identify your musical ambitions and goals, measure your present skill set, and start building a practice plan to develop those skills and reach your musical goals. 

You can take a lesson as frequently as you like. We can schedule a regular lesson time or schedule your lessons from time to time. Typically, weekly lessons make for faster progress.

Skype lessons are fantastic and have been a tremendous addition to my teaching studio. Of course, there are glitches from time to time with hardware, software, and internet issues. Typically, they can be worked around easily.